Print design

Print design of brand is something that contains the key values of the brand. This is a strategic instrument of communication with the consumer and the business partners. Print design created to inform the consumer about the brand, the range of products and services, current promotions, discounts, and, at the same time, print design responsible for the formation and maintenance of a favorable image of the brand. Effective print design allows consumers to immediately understand the essence of the brand, see its principles, rule and value, as well as formulate for themselves some idea of the brand.

We provide a full range of high-quality services in the field of print design in such segments as: catalog designs, brochure designs, calendar designs, poster designs, POS-materials and other media designs, which responsible for brand perception and the formation of impressions about it and its range.

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Phases of development design
The main efficacy criteria of printing are: informativity, functionality, creativity and relevance.

The main phases of development design:

A brief for development design is filled by the customer, on the basis of current needs of their project and the development strategy of the brand.

Design concept. When customer filled out the brief, specialists of creative department begin to develop design concepts.

Proof of concept. During the presentation, customer accepts of decision about choosing a design concept.

Layout. When customer approved of design concept, layout is carried out and begin preparation of layout for printing.
The cost of work
A strong, efficient and promising brand is a major asset of Your business. That is why, calculating the cost of services by branding and corporate style development is done individually in each case.

The cost of design essentially depends by the volume and completeness of final marketing and communication objectives of the project, as well as the need for image photography, writing or translation of the author's text.

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