Web Site Development

Enterprise portal of the brand is the fullest idea of the company on the Internet, which focuses on the wide range of potential customers and partners. As well, creation enterprise portal is focused on forming the image of the brand. This is especially important in the digital age, when information must to be brought in proper time and accurately describe the idea of the brand to the consumer.

Website creation is an important component of complex branding and the organic sequel of the visual communications strategy of the brand online.

The main purpose of the site is to create a single image of brand, which will be unique in its content, original in its foreign characteristics and also functional and useful for everybody of the core audience.

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Phases of the Web Site Design
Development of web design includes designing user interface. At the same time, web designer must have not only the knowledge of innovative web technology, but also the professional skills of the painter. This combination of characteristics must have each highly qualified specialist. To create a website design, specialist must make the project logical structure of web pages and decorate it. The objective of specialists are not only beautiful web site design; the main goal is considered and comfortable presentation of information in the context of control.

Development of web design is preceded by filling out the brief in strict accordance with the requirements and wishes of the customer. The basis is a visual representation of the customer about the site and its structure. According to the brief, the manager of the project creates the technical task, which necessarily approved by the customer. The amount of records and the order of their provision must agree with the project manager. Just after this technical task will be directed to specialists.

Web site design, cost, phases of design depend on many factors. For example, by the planned volume of the site, its functionality, the task of future internet resource and other circumstances. Development of web design includes several phases, which the same for any planning: design of a home page; designing the remaining pages; coding; programming; testing; internet posting; content management (CM); SEO Optimization.