Branding is a complex of marketing actions aimed at the creation and promotion of the brand, starting with the design philosophy of positioning and naming to create the visual image of the brand (name, logo and all brand communications) and displays it on the market.

The main purpose of branding is to create a brand that has a unique and holistic inner content and external form. This helps create a brand as functional and draw the attention of the target audience.

Effective branding includes the development of the brand, which is popular among the target audience, is attractive to consumers and leads to further its use (the a purchase of goods or services).

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Marketing analysis as the economic basis. This is a required step for any subsequent work in the field of branding.

The selection of priority strategy positioning defines the direction of the genesis of the future visual communication strategy, identifies key values of the brand for the consumer

A naming is a unique name and the basis for the development of the brand in the long term.

Creating a logo defines the strategy of the visual communication brand.

Development of corporate identity brand allows for maximum unity and presence.

Packaging design allows to create image of brand in the marketplace, removed it from competitors and generate sales.

Preparation of a brand book, a single document, which combines the results of all the work in the field of branding and includes both the theoretical aspects of the brand (philosophy, positioning), and practical recommendations for the use of its visual attributes.

Interior design allows you to create a unique brand, clearly show dignity, key values, and build the trust of consumers to the brand.

The effectiveness of brand

Effective brand development is the joint work of specialists of different strategic directions (design, marketing, brand management, brand communications, etc.), aimed at making the brand in accordance with a group of criteria.



· The complex of works at branding oriented on the most credible in the target audience.

· Work in the field of branding and design oriented to the consumer was able to accurately find the brand in the competitive environment;

· The purpose of branding: to develop a brand, which forces to buy a product or service of your brand, even against the background of the cheaper competition.

· A key strategic goal of branding: building brand, which will be modelled and quality mark for products and services of the segment in the eyes of the consumer, when consumers can buy not just a product, they buy emotions and the moral benefits of the acquisition of the product.


The brand will be really effective, when the principles of the leadership and the unity of the image will be observed, as well as the principle of the availability additional opportunities for career advancement.

Each brand has an individual price. Each solution is unique and effective only for a specific project. So the cost of branding is always dependent on the volume of work, the nature of the project and the strategic marketing objectives in the field of branding.