Rebranding, Restaling

Every brand is constantly changing, due development of and changes in market conditions, changes in consumer preferences and competitor activity. The result of the internal changes of the brand is the change in appearance.

Rebranding is not only a process of changing the appearance. In the first place, rebranding is ideology, which reflects a fundamental, qualitative changes in the values of the brand, in the company’s strategy. However, if the changes are only partial or total change regarding the attributes of the external communication of the brand, the result will be named restyling.

Any company or product is required updates, if you want to increase customer loyalty, improve brand uniqueness or expand its target audience.

Components of branding (which can be used in combination or separately) can be renaming (changing the name of the brand) and positioning (changing your primary the message of the brand).

Successful rebranding can help attract new customers, strengthen the loyalty of existing ones, and achieve a new level of development.


Redesign of the standard line of vodka

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The task of restyling and rebranding

The main targets of restyling, as a rule, are: logo of brand, corporate style of brand and packaging design.


The need to redesign of the brand may be dictated by:

- requirements of the time, the loss of the relevance of the visual image of the brand over the years;

- mismatch of the current the visual image of the market segment of the brand;

- difficulties in identification and memorability of visual identity of the brand;

not unique;

- undesirable associations with logo of brand.


Reasons of rebranding are:

- major structural changes at the company, a merger or acquisition, which requires the rebranding, essentially creating a new brand;

- extension and development of brand new markets;

- a significant change in the market situation: out of the more powerful and aggressive competitors, the emergence of innovative technologies requiring of brend immediate reaction;

- negative image, get rid of that only through a comprehensive re-branding and feeling absolutely new brand;

- the changing role of the brand.