Development of Brand Logo

Logo design is a unique image or lettering of name company or brand, which specially developed for more effective individualization and identification. Logo design is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol commonly used by enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition.

The image of the company directly depends on the design of the logo. The main element is the individuality of the logo, which will help clients to easily remember your logo. The emblem is part of the corporate identity.

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The process of designing a logo
Creating a logo is guaranteed to include such phases as the study of competitors (principles and approaches of their work) and create font, color and graphics.

Identity audit of competitors. During the logo design is very important to learn from the experience of the nearest competitors, as well as the international market for goods and services in your segment, to avoid accidental coincidences and related errors.

The choice of font solutions. Unique font is very important, because the headset reflects the character of the brand and to forming first view of the consumer.

The definition of the color palette. The colors in the corporate style and logo design can tell a lot about the brand.

Search for unique graphics. Graphic design can help with consumer faster and more efficient to remember some elements of the brand, and also allows you to reflect and to convey to the consumer base values of the brand, its uniqueness.

Composition of the logo. A composition is the order of the elements of the logo.
Performance criteria for the design of the logo
A logo design is a complex creative process, which must create a unique graphic character associated with the brand's positioning and to display philosophy, key features and basic values.

An effective logo design must meet a number of criteria:

Uniqueness. Logo design of your brand must be truly original and unique in its kind.

Associativity. When designers create a logo, he starts from a set of first-order associations that occur in the mind of the consumer at the mention of the brand. The designer's task is to find the graphics solution, which will provide a new deep meaning and, ideally, links the characteristics of the brand with his name.

Simplicity. Laconism of graphic forms is of great importance for the effective design of the logo. Simply sign will be easier to scale.

Versatility. Logo design must be universal, because the logo is always in view of the potential prospects for growth and development of new segments brand on the market.

Relevance. Creating a logo is made in accordance with the concept of brand positioning. Only the design of the logo, which clearly reflects the uniqueness of your brand will have maximum power and efficiency.