A corporate identity is the overall image of a brand in the minds of diverse publics, such as customers and investors and employees.

If all of the enterprise attributes are in the same style, it boosts the confidence of clients and partners, makes the company a recognizable and has a positive impact on business performance. At the same time, corporate identity helps consumers quickly and easily identify and remember your brand.


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components of corporate identity
An effective corporate identity is formed by combining the main ideas of the brand, its key features and overall style, as well as their symbolic expressions. Development of corporate identity means defining the complex visual constants that will be replicated to all of the attributes of corporate identity (documentation, printing and advertising products, signage etc.).

A trademark that can be verbal (logo), picture, volume, audio or combined.

A logo is a branded font inscription designating, typically either the company name or a specific product.

Slogan. Constantly use the branded original motto, which organically blends into corporate identity and a strong emotional coloring.

Corporate block is traditionally often used a combination of several elements of corporate identity.

A corporate identity complex of font is emphasizing the various features of the product image, because different fonts are perceived by consumers in different ways.

Company colors. The unified corporate color palette is a required element of corporate identity and allows you to create and maintain its unity.
The functions and tasks of corporate identity
Development of corporate identity must solve the whole complex of the strategic objectives of the brand.

Qualitative differentiation of the brand. Identity design should emphasize your key strengths, originality and a competitive advantage, as well as any other significant characteristics of your company or brand.

An effective identification of the brand. Corporate identity allows your customers and partners to better identify your brand, what is essential in a competitive market.

The maintenance image. Development of corporate identity, allowing you to create and maintain a positive image of your brand as a reliable, long-term partner.

Development of confidence image. Creation of corporate style aims to build confidence in your brand by creating and maintaining a positive image.

When the audience knows this branding, it most likely will draw attention to the familiar logo, colors, fonts or advertising message. The use of a common brand identity in all forms of advertising campaign would make advertising more complete. The same corporate identity allows the firm to lower cost to market its new products, increases performance and improves its memorability.

Corporate style makes it easy to design marketing communications, reduces the time and cost of preparing them, to enhance the corporate spirit and have a positive effect on the aesthetic perception of goods.