Dantava is the leading branding agency with a unique experience in developing successful competitive brands.
The agency has strategic views on brands evolution perspectives within priority market segments.
Brand’s strength is determined by the unity and integrity of its image perception as well as its
individuality and attractiveness for the customer within competitive environment.
Our Specialists are confident that one can reach unity of brand’s perception only by building a unified
brand strategy which involves positioning, naming, creating of visual identification system (design of logo,
corporate identity, brand book, package design) and shaping brand’s space, its atmosphere and language for
communication with the end-user.


Redesign of the standard line of vodka

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Complex brand development — development of existing branding solution within market and corporate segments, including all services (from naming, logo development, corporate identity, packaging design to web site and interior design).

Rebranding and restyling — reorganization of brand, repositioning, development of qualitatively new effective and modern visual communicative image.

Naming — professional development of brand name within the law and marketing criteria.
Logo development — professional design of logo which reflects brand essence and successfully positions it in competitive environment.

Development of corporate identity — professional development of corporate identity corresponding to your brand promotion strategy.

Brand book — creation of official analytic document, combining detailed description of brand positioning concept, its philosophy as well as standards of visual communications.

Polygraph design — development of image print products, catalogue design, booklets and corporate calendars.

Development of corporate web site as a core part of effective branding and business development.

Interior design — solutions that allow to create special brand space.
Research. All solutions of the branding agency “Freedom Island” within branding are based on thorough marketing research.

Knowledge of the market and experience. More than 10 years of successful branding in all priority market segments, hundreds of successfully advancing brands.

Personnel. The undoubted advantage of BrandExpert “Freedom Island” is its personnel: unique specialists in marketing, branding, graphic design, PR-communications, interior engineering who have rich experience in Russia and abroad.

Strategy. Every solution within branding, naming, logo design, corporate identity, etc. is based on the precise vision if strategy and certain stages of brand development.
Impressive portfolio. Branding agency BrandExpert “Freedom Island” portfolio is represented by the biggest and most successful Russian and foreign brands: KFC, Kroshka Kartoshka, Prime Star, Meridian, Miratorg, Rigla, Apteka 36,6; Klin meat factory, Hyundai, Camelion and many others.
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