Packaging and Label Design

Packaging is more than just a beautiful wrapper, which used to store the goods. Successful entrepreneurs, who aimed at boosting sales, do not need simply beautiful boxes and bottles. They need a design label and packing, which could become a part of the brand and assume an increase of sales.

Packaging and label must associate a product with the brand, highlighting its advantages, making it recognizable among the competitors. That`s why the appearance of packing must be consistent with the corporate style of the company. Then the packaging do not only the sale, but also helps to maintain the company’s image.

Even if you’re do not selling material goods or your products does not require beautiful “clothes”, you must take care of your package design with the symbol of the company. Packs, bags and boxes with your logo has a positive impact on the image and will work to increase loyalty among customers and partners.


Redesign of the standard line of vodka

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Phases of creating a package

The process for creating of package begins with a study of the psychological characteristics of the main market buyers and the reasons why they choose a particular product. In order to develop of packaging design need to determine the conception of brand and product positioning.


Package design requires the participation of professionals from different areas. In addition to designers and marketers in the process involved engineers and technologists who specialize in solving such problems. They have considerable experience in creating a user-friendly and easy-to-use package, which provide reliable protection of goods during transport, make it use more convenient, and also protect against counterfeiting.


Creating a package can be divided into the following stages:

A brief for the design. Only after the drafting and coordination of technical projects (brief), the specialists of branding agency begin the design of the packaging. In particular, the brief will answer the following questions: "What are the strategic objectives of design? What are the main weaknesses of the previous design? What are the pros and cons of packaging design competition should be taken into account? What are the technical requirements for the design? etc."


Development of the concept of label design conduct by the example of one commodity position, at the choice of the customer and at least two-three a variety of design concepts.

Approval of the design. At this stage, before the final approval by the customer a preferred option in the layout can be made any edits to the discretion of the customer. At this stage should be to take into account all the nuances that may affect the effectiveness of the package design.


Development of the design on the assortment. Development of packaging design in the assortment is made after final approval of the design concept. Development of the design assortment is designed to form a unity of perception of the brand and its product range in the display.


Preparation of design for print. After approval of the design of the entire product line of products is made by preparing layouts designs for printing and transfer printing. To minimize the risks and to ensure high quality printing of all print design, it is recommended to perform a test print developed design, make sure the correct color reproduction, contrast and readability of individual elements of the package design.

Package design: price and its components
The price of the package design includes developing a conceptually different options. After affirmation one of the layouts our designers are refining it taking into account the requirements of the printing house and the characteristics of the materials constituting the packaging.

Graphic packaging design is the "clothes", under which consumers meet your goods. Our experts will make it attractive, thereby increasing the potential value of the product and consumer demand for it.

The cost of the design consists of a set of indicators, in particular, the need for professional photography, food styling, etc., that is why the cost is the individual in each case. But experts are always competent advising and help you to find the most effective solution to your problem in the field of packaging design.